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Dulcolax is fine as it has a coating that is resistant to acid so it doesn’t rip into your pouch! I agree with Paul that every day is too harsh as it is SO effective! however, I am prescribed senna by my GP which I take every other day or as needed. Paul is right in saying that the most effective way to get things moving is more water. I also drink (this is going to show my age!) cabbage or spinach water whilst it is still hot – sometimes with a teaspoon of marmite in it. It is delicious and really works for me. I also have no trouble with spots or sagging facial skin so I reckon it must be pretty good stuff! My dear old Mum swears by it and she hardly has any wrinkles at 76! It is also full of iron and the marmite has B6 and B12 in it. I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it does work for ME. And as it is so pleasant, it might be worth a try?

Glad you are comfortable again Masie. Treeza, coffee is actually a diuretic and will make you need more water. It is not a very good friend to those of us who have had wls which is a real flippin shame 🙁 I’m ok though as I drink tea. Maybe switching to decaf might work for you after your first ‘full fat’ coffee of the day to get you going? I only ever drink decaf coffee as there really is no difference in the taste.

Doodah x

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