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@DonnaB 23548 wrote:


If I could eat that I would be very happy, I eat one or two mouthfuls of any solid food and instantly get a pain in my chest and back then bring it up along with lots of white bubbly stuff (sorry for that detail), it’s really getting me down now as I am hungry and the nurse said I will start to loose muscle and nit fat, I plan to go and get another half a ml out in the next few days

Donna xxx

Hi Donna, I know I get that too, its not very lady like having to spit it out lol. I get that mainly when I at more stodgy stuff, Its just happene when I had a couple of crackers for lunch, the only upside it hat it makes you stop but is uncomfortable. An that was with me chewing lots. I dont get it when I at the more mushy crackers like crackerbread.

Its all trial and error to see what we can and cant have. bananas do that to me now also.

I am now 7days post fill and just about managing a few teaspoons of mash like shepherds pie etc. I am not overly worried as long as I can eat a bit and not hungry.

let us know you get on after your defill….

I have another appointment for a fill in 3 weeks but if I feel restricted as I do now may not have it, will go and have a chat.


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