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@hides 23577 wrote:

Hi nettie and others 🙂

Like you said Nettie i’m not at right restriction, but still cant get my head round a ramikin being enough….. 🙂

Appt today went well, i reached my 4 stone marker 🙂 , i had a 1/2ml fill , only had liquids so cant tell the restriction yet. However she did tell me if i couldn’t keep solids down in a weeks time, i should come back…… So Donna do keep an eye on your situation.

Feeling better today, so thanks Doodah for letting me ramble on.

Heidi 🙂

No need to thank me – it’s what we are all here for! I do it just as much as anyone else. It’s brilliant that we have a place we can vent our true feelings knowing that every other person on here will totally understand: even if we are at different stages of the journey. The one thing we all have in common whether considering/just had/old hand wls is that we have no control over food when we start. For some of us, wls is the only reason we have any control at all. I once told a member of my family that I had been ‘surgically muzzled’ in reply to the question ‘Have you finally found some self control?’!!!! That ‘muzzling’ allows me to breathe, speak, exercise and stay in control so that I don’t bite myself in the ass anymore food wise!! Me and my weird analogies again haha!

Doodah x

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