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@Vickster 33116 wrote:

Hi all, just wanted to say Hi really! I had my MDT on 16th January at St Richards, and was told that I will be having a gastric bypass – yaaaay and eeeeek!
Apparently it will be a three to six month wait. I have waited one week and I think I am going to combust! I have been dreaming of all the things that this might mean, and I just want me new life to start! I know there will be challenges and pit falls on the way, but I just can’t carry on like this. I have a bmi of almost 75, and I am finding life so hard because of it.

Wanted to say a huge thank you to Lelly who told me about this site, and for agreeing to swap email addresses at the appointment, it’s great to have someone to share the journey with!

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi, had best get on with some work now!!

Hi Vickster and welcome to our friendly forum.

I’m so glad Lelly gave you the details and that you have made a wls friend already!

One of the bonuses of having wls is the friends you make along the way – it truly is! I have met people who I know will be in my life forever. What a bonus!?

The waiting time will zoom by, even though it won’t feel like it some days.

Lelly is right, this forum is a place of help, support, friendship and absolutely 100% no judgement. We are all the same and have all been right where you are now.

The only thing I would suggest at this stage is to try to get as healthy as you possibly can before the surgery – it will help the surgeon to keep you save during the operation. Also, read as much as you can about the procedure you are going to have, that way, there will not be too many surprises that you feel unable to deal with.

The people on this forum are wonderful. I am lucky enough to call many of them friends and meet up with them in ‘real life’ all the time. They know exactly what I am talking about and offer fantastic advice and support.

Speaking of support, I run a group in Portsmouth that you would be very welcome to attend if you are near enough and the lovely Streamliner runs one in Harrow if that is nearer for you.

Anyway, I’m prattling again!! We are all very glad that you have come to join us on here and I know that I, for one, am really looking forward to hearing all about your journey.

Have a great day

Doodah x

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