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@Vickster 33138 wrote:

Thank you so much Doodah, that really, really touched me!
I do struggle with the shoe thing so much, and usually end up wearing seasonally inappropriate shoes, either feet baking in the summer, or freezing and soaking in the winter, so I am sooo hoping that this time next year I will be wearing a nice pair of winter boots!
Yep, same as, can’t get a bath sheet round me, really do have a dream of a perfect bath with candles, expensive bubbles, the lot!
I just want it all to get started! I always thought I was quite a patient person, turns out I am just like my Mum after all!

P.S. I have seen the trekky quote from you, and your Joss Whedon quote, am I right to assume you are a bit of a sci-fi fan? x

YES I AM!! Are you? I’m a total geek. I wrote my dissertation on the works of Joss Whedon – how he always has women in the ‘hero’ role. Buffy is my all time favourite character. I have every single episode on DVD and the extra ones like the musical episode. I even have the music from both Buffy and Angel. As for Star Trek, I have been a fan for 45 years! Love all of them, including the films.

Oh my life, do I come across as scary now hahaha!? Maybe one day we will attend a convention in our star Trek costumes wearing the lovely long boots, just like my other hero Lt Uhura?

Star Trek Uhura Costume – Fancy Dress and Party

Oh my goodness, Vickster, I promise you I’m not a nutter (well…..) but I am now thinking of organising a fancy dress party for my husband’s birthday and guess what I will be wearing?!

Have a great day – Live long and prosper 🙂

Doodah x

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