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Hi again Vickster
So much of what you wrote rings bells for me. The being worried that you won’t fit in the seat. I used to freakier every time we went somewhere different & if the seats had arms or not. That moment when you go to sit down & know your not going to fit. People are so mean. Staring at you, whisper or just blatantly making rude comments. So hurtful when a family member hear or see it as it really affects them to.
The good news this will soon all change for you. Your life is going to change for the better in so many ways.
Sue is right I still worry about seating I’m not sure that ever completely goes away. I had my first bath in years a couple of weeks ago – bliss :0). It was in a hotel as we only have a shower at home!
Fitting into an airplane seat with no seat belt extension, painting your toe nails, going to the theatre, going to the cinema & walking any kind of distance without being exhausted after a few steps.
My advice to you whilst waiting just try to get as fit as you can. Any kind of exercise will help. Keep coming on here everyone is so helpful & supportive. We do tell it as it is I’m afraid warts & all. I think for me it was important to know the ups & downs.
It really isn’t the easy way out in fact it’s very hard but oh so worth it.
Keep in touch. There is no such thing as a silly question so please don’t be afraid to ask. Someone is bound to know the answer or can source it for you x good luck xxx

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