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@ems123 28288 wrote:

Hello, I am fairly new to this forum, I have just received a surgery date of 21 May, I am both excited and very nervous!

I just wanted to hear from anyone who has had a band fitted, this is what I am having, I have been researching for so long my mind has gone into melt down, who would recommend it and who thinks it had helped, any success stories out there?

I am nervous because I suffer from sleep apnaoe and have to spend a night in ICU, anyone else had this experience?

I am excited for a healthy future but at this point in time am looking for re-assurance!

Thanks to anyone who replies.


Hi Ems and welcome. You will always find a friendly person on here who is more than willing to help, support and share their experiences.

With your permission, I would like to re-post this one into the ‘pre band’ section of the forum so that all the fab bandsters on here will see it straight away. I will leave the original one here as well. Is that OK with you? Or would you prefer to do it yourself?

This is the section to which in refer:

The Gastric Band operation

You are right to research until your head explodes as it is major, life-changing surgery and should never be undertaken lightly. We are a friendly and honest bunch on here so you can be guaranteed to get the whole story – warts and all!

You will never be alone in your journey, no matter what you decide. 😉

Doodah x

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