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Hi Ems

I had an open bypass (10cm scar) as I had my gall bladder removed at the same time. I have to say that I was comfortable after about 4 days and within two weeks, I was absolutely fine. As my starting weight was 26+ stones, I wasn’t able to do much even though I had lost half a stone in that time! However, I cannot reiterate enough how much lighter I felt psychologically.

I had been given a new life – one with a future so in terms of my mood I felt as light as a feather. Having friends who has also had wls was one of the best things possible. Only they really understood what was happening and why. I also had my on line friends to turn to. These people have gone on to become my dearest and most treasured friends whom I see very, very regularly.

You see, that’s the good thing about having wls – you will become part of a whole community of people who are trying so very hard to make improvements to their lives and, in doing so, the lives of all those around them. A happier mummy, wife, sister, daughter etc makes for a happier family.

Try to remain positive after your surgery. Trust it and the team who will be supporting you in the early stages. My one bit of advice – be kind to yourself and put YOU first for once.

I’m always here if you need help or support. You can always private message me about anything you might be ‘shy’ about asking. I will be honest about anything you want to know about life after wls.

Doodah x

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