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Re: Heart surgery

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@Kimberly 34521 wrote:

Bored , but being a good patient . It’s just the case of sitting and waiting to be transferred by ambulance for surgery . I saw a Dr who was wonderful and looked after me when I was in ITU after the bypass , he recognised my name but didn’t think it was me because I’m so tiny .( YES get in .) He really is lovely in fact all the medics and nurse are . I think I was senstive because it was mentioned about my referral two years ago to cardiac surgery . Old thought and feeling popped up , not very rational . Where I was to big and needing wls for my health but my health was so bad I wasn’t fit enough for surgery I was scared I get turned down . I know it’s not true but I went back to that time . Not their now thank goodness . Planing all the things I can do after heart. ,I’m going to get GP referral to the gym again . Oh I love to run , couldn’t do thats even after the bypass , but with a recondition heart As the Queen sing says ‘ don’t stop me now ‘

Isn’t it fascinating how our brains can take us back to dark places in our lives in the blink of an eye? I think it proves that negative thoughts will always be lurking in the shadows, waiting to come and get us again. Only one way to deal with it – keep the flippin lights on!

Surround yourself in the light and bright things in life. Your family, friends and positive members of your community. Faith can also be unbelievably helpful. Mine has helped me through some really dark times.

In a year’s time, when you are walking around without a care in the world, you will look back on this time and realise how strong you are.

Doodah x

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