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Re: Heart surgery

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@Kimberly 34784 wrote:

Oh my loverly you have been through the wars Menieres is so horrible it made a friends of mine very poorly,and I’m so sorry about losing your father in aw , it hard dealing with grief and also supporting others in the family when your not well . Your self . Hope the eating ok ? That must be tough at the moment . When I’m poorly or stressed my pouch shut up tight !!! That when I have to drink my protein !!! I know the dietitian don’t like it but it’s the only thing I can get down milky coffee .
I am glad your INR stabilising . Mine all over the place had another admission . Which the hospital not happy with . It bursting at the seams in fact they are turning ambulances away to other hospitals.
I did find out forceval doesn’t have any vit K in , the Baratric dietitian advices the Warfin clinic nurses to swop to two sanatogen complete as this has the vit k . They think the swop impacted on my INR ? Who knows I just want to stay out of. Hospital
to be truthful it’s has really made me frightened. At times items like a tap been turned on I’m dripping in fear about having a clot on my valve. the good news is I saw a cardiologist two days ago who reassured me that this new heart valves didn’t need as high INR as the surgeon stated . I wish consultant would talk to each other it could have saved me lots of anxiety I have decided that I’m going to trust him or else I end up paralysed with fear .
In the process of this latest surgery my weight has also dropped down half a stone . I don’t look good being this low (although I’m in a heathly BMi 23.5 .i )know I looked better with a bit more fat in me . I’m hoping that once my body has had chance to recover from all the trauma it’s been through the weight will come back .

I am going through nothing compared to you pet, I was prescribed Forceval prior to Op because of the dreaded vitamin k. Yes although a very sad time, as I dearly loved my Hubby’s Dad, I have had a weight loss boost, which I needed to be honest, was getting quite grumpy as I was seeing everyone else overtake me. I have now lost just over 10 1/2 stones since August last year, half of which I did myself to aid the Op and recovery, so I am well pleased. I always revert to milky drinks when my pouch shuts up shop, even little things like a row with Hubby has an effect, quite weird but we do what we have to do and what works for us. My pouch seems to have shrunk, which is great, as I used to manage a whole slice, of a small loaf, of seeded toast but now struggle to finish half a slice. Please take care and look after yourself and try and avoid dark green veg, grapefruit, pomegranates, cranberries and loads of other stuff that have vitamin k. When you have recovered and eating properly and back to normal, I am sure that your weight will go back to normal.

Lesley xx

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