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Re: Heart surgery

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@Kimberly 34444 wrote:

May be some of you don’t know and if you want you can look back on my journey from sickness to health . When I first went to Shaw Somers in November 12 my asthma had just stared to be out of control , I was unable to walk 200 yards couldn’t go out in the night as this triggered an attack . I remember telling him that I had mild aortic stenosis , this is narrowing of the aortic valve . I wasn’t worried about my heart as I knew about this for 20 years it had never effected me . Any way got funding for wls because of Heath issues sleep apnoea , asthma , high blood pressure , low thyroid , high cholesterol . I had a appointment with the cardiac team and my cardiac echo showed my heart valve was worse . Im so grateful to streamline that when I went for my anaesthetic appointment ,which I failed . They just didn’t leave it and send me away , they wrote and wanted a multi disciples team discussion , with them and the cardiologist . They looked at the whole of me . It was explained what if I had the bypass and then three month later needed open heart surgery !!! That would be so much for my body to cope with and now looking back I can see this . .Because it hard work after. That wls would may be improve most of my health problem but not my heart .( So true I’ve lost asthma , sleep apnoea , high blood pressure. )My family were so worried about me and were planning ow to care for me in the next few years till I died. , my health was declining I was in and out of ED . I saw a cardiac surgeon who recommend wls first . My BMI was 50 . He was honest I appreciate straight talking . That with so much flesh to sew up it would be very dangerous . To this day I don’t know how but their cardiac echo came back not so bad !!!! . With this information I was able to have my bypass on November 22 2013 . The team wanted me under as short time as possible because of my heart . I went down not knowing if I would live or die , but what I wanted is quality of life not quantity . And streamline has given me this to me . I began going to the gym doing aqua aroebics Pilates . I have been on two holidays which were just fantastic . My dream has alway to be healthy and have focused on non scale victories , but I be honest I only ever wanted to reach a healthy bmi of 25 . .
sorry for going on and not getting to the point , this is helping me process it all . Last Thursday I went for my check up with the cardiologist .for a few months I been getting some symptoms tightness in my chest when I did aqua or just increased my cardiac out put . Dizzy when going up hills . As you all know I’m a retired nurse so I knew I was having symptoms of angina . I was told that my heart valve has now gone into server and I’m being referred to a cardiac surgeon and will probably having open heart surgery jan 2016 . I’m going into this surgery with such better odds than two years ago . I’m so thankful to Mr Somers and the streamline team and you all especially Doodah Teresa . Sharon And Julie . This time next year I be back at the gym may be I might try running !!!!!

This must be scary for you pet as it is the unknown but you are now a healthy fit lady, if you had not had your surgery the odds would have been sooo low but now, well they are amazing. You will be “fixed” and the sky will be the limit. I won’t say don’t worry because you will but it will be fine. So pleased that you will be able to do anything, take care

Lelly xx

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