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Re: Heart surgery

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@Doodah 34575 wrote:

Kim was very much missed at support group last night. I don’t think there is anyone in the world who is more supportive and caring than our Kim. If positive vibes and get well wishes work, Kim will be in the next Olympic Games!

She is also living proof that the best bonus of wls is being able to have other surgeries/treatments that couldn’t be considered before – often life saving ones.

Doodah x

ha ha I wish , but if possible and after cardiac rehab I’m going to try couch to 5 k but only when well . Home from Southampton Generale on Friday at 8 pm . It’s so nice to be in your own bed . I’m struggling not to do things . Seeing marks and wanting to clean . But family watching me like a hawk lol they know me . But I’m out walking . Top tip after any surgery GET OUT OF BED as soon as possible walk . Stop chest infections and DVT ( blood clots ). Bring very mindeful about keeping up my protein level up to heal . So loads of milky drink , protein snacks , ,
my heart was very poorly one cardiac artery was 90% blocked the aortic valve was server restrictions . Shaw Somers and streamline really are life savers , I am so thankful to him to the team . They gave me a fighting chance . I would not have like to have this surgery 9 stone 4 pounds heavier . But a bonus I’m half an inch taller than I thought .lol .my BMI is 24.5 . Which is amazing seeing I couldn’t exercise for the past 5/6 months . ( was 50)

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