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Re: Heart surgery

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@Kimberly 34886 wrote:

Sorry not to have popped in recently , I’m now 4/5 months post op from the heart surgery , thank goodness I had my gastric bypass first . I can honestly say with my hand on my new rebooted heart that it has been a tough period recovering physically and emotionally . I really don’t think that at my weight before wls I would have managed or survived , so high five Shaw sommers ??this has been really hard But I know it’s getting better . I recently jog and was surprised that I had no tightness in my chest !!! I now realise I was having angina episodes !! But thought it was my asthma . I can lift shopping hover walk for half an hour . It’s great . I do get tired and although they say you should be back to normal within 3 months . I think it takes a little longer for me maybe it’s because of the wls I have no reserves. The other problem was I dropped another stone and I can tell you I didn’t look good . This is better and my weight starting to go up again . This hard because then the anxiety starts . I have to keep saying to my self stop it Kim being healthy and alive is what matters most .
Also I am beginning to process that I was so ill and critical for a month, that during my hospital stay before the heart surgery they were concerned I was about to have a massive heart attack . ( I didn’t ) and bleeding after the first operation needing to be reopened again . You just now that my gastric ( have to say that as I’m now a double bypass gastric and heart lol) bypass saved me . Trying not to be to morbid or be one of those people who only talk about illness but I’m still a bit haunted by the pass 5 months . May be talking about it isn’t a good thing it’s like picking a scab all the time and I need to let it go and focus on the future ? Sorry rambling thoughts

Hello my lovely.

I think you are amazing. You still find time to be kind to others when you are feeling poorly yourself.

As for talking about illness – I don’t believe it is harmful. I believe that expressing the feelings externally does more good than harm as then, the pain, fear and upset is outside of the body: not inside. This is why we have this place.

Sometimes, just writing something down can be extremely cathartic. Going to share little secret with you all now…. I keep ‘feelings and emotions’ journals. I write down all the negative feelings, fears and emotions I have, then shred them a few months later. I read them one last time before destroying them. I find this extremely helpful. It has certainly saved me from insanity over the past several years!

Anyway, I am also so very grateful to Shaw Somers and your heart surgeon – a world without you in it would be a much, much unhappier place.

Doodah x

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