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Re: Heart surgery

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@Kimberly 34713 wrote:

What so funny is that during the past 7 weeks some medics , nurses look at me when I mention gastric bypass with confused looks . Some have said you don’t need a gastric bypass !!!!! I then have to explain that I’m this small because of wls ( 10 stone loss now) They seem to stuggle with this I wonder if when they think of gastric bypass their automatic thought is pictures of us is pre wls . At the end of the month I’m will be two years . What a journey I’ve had full of lots of exciting things that I have down . Maybe not exciting to every one but the joy of cycling around my local air field . Cycling along the beach prom stopping for a mug of tea . Going to Israel with my husband our first holiday with out children . Then going back again with my daughter for a special mother and daughter bonding holiday . Dancing again at parties . Going to the gym and aqua aroebics . Pilates . . It’s almost that these two years have been preparation for heart surgery . They told me that wls cut down my odds for cardiac surgery . That I’m in a much better place than before . The aqua and Pilates helped as after open heart surgery you are not allowed to use your hand to lift or pull your self up . As I’m tiny this was hard for me I couldn’t hook my toes under the bar like my friend did and lifted him self up , but I crunched / rocked up using my stomach muscle .now I don’t have a flat tummy ( skin ) but I do have strong abdominal . As for the skin ! I’m not bothered I’m alive with a future a saggy tummy is nothing that suck in pants can’t change .
Just like wls this cardiac surgery has a mental / emotional and physical process. I am having to work hard at focussing on positive , challenging negativity thoughts, . Most of the time I ok but some times I sink into a pity party ( which is ok as long as I don’t spend too much time there ) then I have to pull up my big girl pants and look at the tons of possibilities I will have . Life is for the living , I’m so blessed with wonderful kind loving family and friends . What more could a girl want

YOU ARE A MARVEL. A force of nature. My little wing man.

Please take care of yourself Kim. If love could heal, you would be running marathons by now 🙂

Doodah x

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