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Re: Heart missed a beat!

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I was with you on the 21st of December for our pre-assesment and we were suppose to see the physcologist that day but because of the snow she couldn’t make it in and that is why we were called back down there. I went down last Friday (28th) to see her as I am on anti-depressants and Mr John wanted her to have a chat with me. I also thought that when that call came it was to give me a date, so I am was slightly annoyed as well. Mr John also wanted me to have some more tests done, blood and an echogram. Had the blood done nothing wrong just need to take folic acid, tried to have the echogram done but the hospital here could not get a clear picture as I am to big, so now it is down to Mr John if he still wants me to have this done as my GP did ECG and that came back ok and I have never had heart problems,GP has written and told them all this but because I was carrying some fluid around my ankles on the 21st, which really was not surprising as I had been on the go since half four that morning to get there,so now I sit and wait to see what Mr John wants to do and if he still wants it done then will have to find somewhere that caters for big people to have echograms.
Have you heard anything yet? Elaine xx

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