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Re: Head Hunger

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Wow, Old Mr HH is certainly a ‘friend’ to so many isn’t he? It’s like reading something I would have written myself reading your posts!

I have taken up knitting too. It’s 2nd grade stuff – scarves and headbands – but it ties Mr HH’s hands in knots mwahahaha!! I also think this bitterly cold weather doesn’t help. We must surely need more food in the cold so maybe that’s why HH takes his chance at rearing his ugly-ass head at this time of year? In the summer months, we can sit in the garden, go to the park/beach/pub and not need so much food to keep warm. All I know is, the battle with Mr HH is going to be a life-long one. I know I won’t always win every battle, but I’m damned sure I won’t let him win the war. I’ve even invented a persona for him. If any of you are Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans (I’m a HUGE fan) you might remember ‘The Gentleman’. They are terrible, sinister men who float around Sunnydale in silence just grinning. They steal people’s voices. That to me is Mr HH – so pleased with himself for stealing my voice and ruining my life. Well, not anymore Mister!!!

Sorry for the ridiculous analogy but that’s how I deal with things lol! It has been working so far so I’m not going to change it.

Doodah x

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