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Re: Head Hunger

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I know all about Mr HH, been a comfort eater all my life and it is so hard to get out of the habiy of turning to food for comfort, but I really trying to get my head around it and if the situation arises that I feel I could really murder for a bar of chocolate or a cream cake or what ever else I want at the the time I try and remove myself from the situation and find something to occupy me like a nice walk, drive in the car, exercise,reading or just visiting a friend to have a chat with anything until Mr HH retreats back into his corner. I think he is something we are just going to have to live with for the rest of our lives but I am determine he is not going to rule my life again, I have not gone through all I have gone through for him to gain control. I have had the backing and help from my wonderful GP, the lovely Mr John and my family and friends and to be given the chance to live to see my beloved grandchildren grow and play with them and to at last after all the years that I have been a “large” lady have the chance to be “normal”, so Mr HH is NOT going th be playing a big part of my life, as my old dad would have said ” Elaine mind over matter” and that is what I am going to do, even if I have to fight a war with Mr HH he is not going to win.
Elaine xx

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