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Re: Head Hunger

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HH comes to me in times of bordome generally. I had a really horrendous day yesterday when I found that Housing Benefit seem to think they have overpaid me by £2500 and I have to pay it all back (I am going to appeal as it appears they have calculated things incorrectly). However, I could have turned to food or a fag but didn’t – until much later in the evening and I remembered or heard the remainder of a tub of Celebrations that had been lurking in a cupboard since I don’t know when. When that came into my head it was as if the devil had been let out. I just couldn’t stop myself and I dare not think about how many I ate. Even the mars which I really don’t like that much. It was terrible. I just prayed I would land up shitting it out but alas not and no effects today either. Thankfully they are all gone now and today has been a better day now I have spoken to Mr Tax man. Whoever said having your own business and being honest with the system is a good idea is a total idiot!! It’s because I’ve been so honest that I am now in the mire.

So, I hope this evening will be a better one for me and bordome doesn’t take over again. I’m so good in the day but come bed time/tv time it all goes tits up. I just wish my body would react to food and put me back in my place. Perhaps I should invest in another bag of sugar free humbugs lol

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