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Re: Head Hunger

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Hi All

I too find boredom is my downfall, and a friend to Mr HH, I find trying to keep myself occupied helpful, and exhausting… I’m now on book three of the Harry Potter series (again for the umpteenth time !!!) , even knitted a scarf a couple of weeks ago and we’re just finished decorating my son’s bedroom in time for him coming home on R&R from Afganistan but it all comes to an end eventually and even I have to stop sometimes but I do find my own body does helps, although I can’t say I’ve experienced any huge dumping syndrome I do start to feel a bit weird, you know light headed and out of bodyish, if that makes sense to anyone which I find helps to deter my pigging out, which I am proud to say I haven’t done since before my milk diet back in March 2011, gosh nearly a year….

I have come to realise that I can eat anything in moderation and more often than not one is definitely enough, it’s taken 52 years to learn that but boy is it a lesson worth learning at last. I know I’m going to be watching what I eat for the rest of my life but I’m controlling it now not the other way round.

Good look to anyone out there just starting out, it’s great on the other side.

Lots of love

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