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Re: hazelann70’s Weight Loss Journey

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I had pureed chicken Korma last night and it was bliss. First few spoons gave me that stitch pain and so I milked it down a bit more and it was like eating mana from heaven. lol. I was wondering about eating salmon – I guess that would be ok once pureed down. I love pureed food! My fav after the band was pureed roast dinner. The family turn their noses up but they just don’t know what they’re missing. I found slim fast after the band was good as it gave me a good load of the vits for the day but again, it’s sweet and although I do like sweet stuff I don’t like it all the time. That’s good if your not feeling great and just need to get something inside you.

So, today’s menu is Weetabix (1 whole one in loads of milk), watered down prune juice, shep pie and veg for lunch and more Chicken Korma for dinner. Sounds good to me anyway! Tried baby bells last night but it was like chewing on a tyre with little flavour so will palm them off on the kids and just have low fat mature cheese instead I think. I’ve got some cottage cheese as well but not sure what that will look like in puree form lol. I must say though, since the whole meat introduction I’ve felt much better but that might just be a time thing and the healing process.

I SO want to try some egg yolk but too scared right now as others have said they can’t do egg at all still. I can’t stand scrambled egg so not even going to go there. One of our chickens laid an enormous egg yesterday and I’m sure it must be a double yolker. Has anyone else tried egg yolk yet?



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