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Re: hazelann70’s Weight Loss Journey

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Thanks for the replies.

Kids are back to school again and so I’m on my own again. I had a bit of an emotional moment yesterday as all I wanted to do was to be with my kids but they were doing their own thing and I was trying so hard to join in but the body just wouldn’t let me. I cleaned the kitchen and did some washing and then landed in bed with exhaustion. lol, sounds pathetic. I slumped off to my bed and wanted to cry. It’s so hard when you haven’t got a partner to off load household crap to and I feel guilty about asking the kids all the time as it’s not their fault I made this choice. They are doing their best but I can’t expect them to do everything. Stupid things like putting the recycling bin out was a huge task yet they forgot and so it was me who had to do it in the pissing rain. Still, it forced me to get off my arse I guess.

I still feel positive that everything will be ok and I’ve done the right thing and no doubt everyone has gone through the same emotions from time to time. I just wish I could go into a coma for a couple of weeks to get over the whole thing and then be able to do all I want to do. Daft bat or what. Having lost 2 close friends who live literally over the road to me was a huge blow but that’s life I guess. They have both had bypass and I was looking forward to being able to off load to them but life is full of ups and downs I guess. Not having family around either is hard but again, this was my choice and I know it was the right one – just need to get a month under my belt and I’m sure life will look and feel much better. Patience has never been my strong point 😉

I managed a whole weetabix yesterday (half in the morning and half in the evening) along with a slimfast and an inch of pure orange juice in a half pint glass. I’m trying to drink as much as I can but although I’m not obsessed with food, I do feel it’s a huge day long graze and going by the diet leaflet I’ve got, I’m running 2 meals and 2 snacks behind every day. I find it a bit funny really and know it will get better eventually. It’s so different to having the band (as far as my memory serves me) but saying that, it’s very similar. Does that make any sence?

I think my main problem is simply lack of adult contact during the working week and so I feel so very alone. I’ll just get my violin out shall I? LOL.

As we have 3 chickens, would I be able to make some egg custard and eat that at this stage or would the egg cause a problem? That’s probably such a thick question but I’m sure my protien levels are almost zero right now and it was just a thought.


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