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Re: hazelann70’s Weight Loss Journey

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Having the cafe has given me a new meaning in life if I’m honest. Before, my life was my kids and they were the only thing that kept me going. Now I have an interest, life is fab. I agree with you and the food thing though. I was very strict in the first few weeks and the first time I had anything with any sugar I feared the worst but it was ok. It’s nice in a way that if I do have such things, my body reminds me the next day and it’s still enough to make me not want to do it all the time. I suppose it’s like people who drink and feel ill the next day and vow they will never touch another drop! We do go back for more again but with the knowledge that we will suffer for it. I’m just pleased that when I do react, it’s no big deal really. I’ve got such a sick phobia and I think that also helps with the process.

If anyone lives near me and fancies a discounted meal then please do come down to see me at the cafe. I try to cook everything as healthy as possible e.g. I cook the sausages in the oven, I steam the mushrooms and generally do my best to keep Bracknell off the heart transplant register! I get all my meat from the butcher at the market and only buy the best (none of those sausages that are full of crap to bulk them out ;-)) Joke is, I’ve had to borrow so much money for this venture that it’s going to take me 2 years to pay everyone off and then I might just be able to pay myself a wage. Till then, I’ll just enjoy the experience and be happy that I’m making others happy with the food.


P.S. I’ve had revenge of the flapjack already today which was a bit early but now back to normal and looking forward to my shredded wheat lol

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