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Re: Having my 1st Fill tomorrow!

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I am following closely in your foot steps ! had my band with mr Pring on 26/01/12…. so early days for me, on fluids/slush at the mo, mashed potato is already getting abit tedious !, I must admit my appetite is reduced and i am sticking to ramikin size portions, its difficult cooking for the family, the smells drive me mad….. just been to asda and felt rather peculier and felt that i was going to faint !, but I took an apperient last night and had a sudden urge ( sorry to be graphic ! ) but managed to make it home thank goodness ! also bought a kenwood hand blender today so will start making some nutritious soups, be good to hear about what foods you are eating etc and have you noticed a difference with restriction after your 1ml fill ?

take care
Pauline x

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