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Re: Having my 1st Fill tomorrow!

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Hi Pauline, So glad to meet another person in the same boat as me! I havent changed a lot with the foods I am eating but have noticed that some go down much easier than others. Another thing is that sometimes, only sometimes… if I have a toast sometimes I can eat it without any problems and other times it gets stuck. I am starting to love the band just a little at the moment as when food gets stuck I know its because I am just “stuffing my face”, not being conscious of what I am eating.

As I said, it has for the moment stopped my food binging in the evenings! which is great news, as this was my most problem area.

It is quite stressing when the food gets stuck…. I find it very painful, it happened more after I started to eat solid foods after my op… was on the menu plan for the four weeks they suggested after the op, so it was plain sailing but now I am learning from the band. Sometimes, like say an apple, I can only take two bites and then cant eat anymore as I know it will get stuck.

I noticed that all the good stuff, really does go down really well and I dont seem to have a problem – only when I have eaten too quickly or if I have not stopped when I should have. I try to eat everything the family is eating but try to be slow and have smaller portions.

I can no longer eat whilst walking, as the food gets stuck and I had to pop into a sports gym for the toilet! So wont be doing that again!

Stick to the four week plan, as you dont want your band to slip as it takes time for it to heal after the op…. I read that its best during this time not to vomit too much, so try and stick to a sloppy meal as much as possible. My appetite did return and you will notice this and then you will be ready for your next band fill. I do not have the restrict that I want but I dont want to rush things. I am going in another 4 weeks for another band fill and just want to adjust slowly… I will get to my sweet point, its just a matter of time. For me, I am in it for the long haul… the weight will come off.

I have started to time my eating and trying to keep it to 20 mins and am going to see how it works for me. Will let you know how I get on.

All the best

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