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Re: Have you thrown away all your big clothes?

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@bikerchris 33309 wrote:

Hi all,

Before wls, I was a serial dieter. Whilst not very successful, al least twice I made it to a normal weight but gained it back each time. This meant that I has so many clothes, from a size 26 to a 12, efficiently packed away in vacuum sealed bags in the loft.

As I’ve been losing this time, my bigger sizes have gone to charity shops. I now find some of my 14s are too big (wow!) and I’m wearing 12s (double wow!). But now I’m struggling to part with my 14s, partly because I have some nice things, but also that I’m still getting my head round having a solution to my obesity that is forever, so long as I keep doing what I’m doing.

Chris x

WOW x THREE!! Size 12!! That is absolutely brilliant. I’m so proud of you. Not about the size but about how hard you must have worked to get there.

As for big clothes – it will take a while for you to get round the fact that you won’t need the bigger clothes again. Even when buying new ones haha! I still pick things up, look at it and think ‘That’s NEVER going to fit me’. then I try it on and hey presto it fits and is sometimes too big.

I don’t like very fitted clothes so although I can wear a 12, I prefer a 14. Also my bingo wings prevent me from wearing 12 sometimes (as does the chest area) but, you know what? It doesn’t matter. I gave all my ordinary clothes to the Salvation Army and I sold my expensive stuff on Ebay and made enough for a nice weekend away!

I kept the night shirt I wore into hospital. It was a size 34. Streamliner and I have a photo of us BOTH in it!! It’s a good reminder on ‘fat’ days to see how far I have come.

Once again, well done. Now go and buy yourself some nice size 12s and enjoy wearing them x

Doodah x

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