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Re: Have you thrown away all your big clothes?

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Hello lovely
So sorry to hear you are still in pain. I hope it goes away fast!
I’m doing ok, bit tired after a week back at work, but can’t imagine having taken two weeks off. I think i’m lucky to have recovered so quickly although so glad Friday is here. I don’t feel any hunger whatsoever and do have to remind myself to eat and am just in the habit of eating a small amount three times a day. Must admit I can’t wait to be able to have something with some texture and be able to have crunchy stuff again. Feeling like my teeth are redundant…lol. Really can’t wait to eat a nice salad or munch on an apple. I seem to have totally lost my sweet tooth and have been surrounded at work by cakes and chocolate with zero interest which is great.
One thing I have noticed is that despite cleaning my teeth and using mouthwash three times a day, I don’t think my breath is very nice. I know when you lose weight it’s a process called ketosis which causes this but any tips on how to help it? We are not supposed to chew gum in case we swallow it but do any of you use it?
Boo xxx

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