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Re: Have you thrown away all your big clothes?

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@penny 34764 wrote:

Hi everyone,
sorry not been in touch for a while, things are going very well, I am very sore with the removal of the port other than that I feel fine, I have had trouble with my phone and computor not great timing, i was in touch with Boo and that was such a support, so glad i am back i must have missed lots so lots of catching up to do. I have my op now on the 25th nov under the lovely chris pring in chichester they treated me so well, i cannot fault it, on leaving the hospital my husband had booked a cottage in arundel for a few days so that i did not start working on things in the house, good idea i know what i am like i think i will just do this you know how it goes, anyway i feel good and lost some weight already not sure how much as not weight myself yet, i am doing all what i have been told and trying to keep up with the water, i am eating and this is such a strange feeling to what it was before as my band was caught around my oeshagous sorry for spelling, so when i eat i have not got that choking feeling, not sure about yogurts which ones to have as most have sugar any advise , i would love one, i do hope steve is doing well he was on the 1st dec. hope all you lovely lovely people are doing good. lots of love penny xxx

Hi Penny and thanks for the update. I don’t like to keep asking people how they are because it can be a bit ‘naggy’! I’m a bit like a bouncy puppy when someone has had wls as I know how much better their life will be after the initial discomfort.

I was very careful with yoghurt. I had plain – not low fat – just less of it and flavoured it with sugar free syrup or plain old fruit mashed up. As I moved on, I added nuts and seeds for added texture and nutrition, especially protein (and to ensure that I ate it very, very slowly.)

How wonderful not to feel like you are choking when you are eating! the simple pleasures in life are always the best! Keep up the good work my lovely. You are doing brilliantly. It’s not all about the weight. Your health will improve and so will your social life as you will be bouncing with energy! keep going – it will be FAB.

Doodah x

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