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Re: Have you thrown away all your big clothes?

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@penny 34729 wrote:

Hi Doodah, and all

well what a weekend I have been on the milk diet, not feeling that good its a bit overload and i have felt rather sickly, its monday eve now and I have not had the amount of water or the bovril yet, I did cheat with a piece of chicken yesterday, how on earth did you all do it i am struggling, I have my last day of this tomorrow and then its 7.30 am at the hospital on wednesday, I have asked my lovely daughter to keep you informed on here. i hope everyone is ok speak tomorrow

Hi Penny

It’s certainly not easy, that’s for sure. You probably felt sick because you didn’t have the right amount of fluids and the stock cube. They are to make sure that all your vits and minerals are right. Dehydration can make you feel terribly sick.

Please try not to cheat today as it could make your surgeon’s job difficult. Just as any other surgery, an empty stomach is critical. Just keep sipping your water – it’s much more effective than trying to drink glasses of it.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing how it all goes via your daughter 🙂

Doodah x

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