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Re: Have you thrown away all your big clothes?

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@Boo22 34724 wrote:

Hi Doodah
This time next week i’ll and packing my bag for the morning!! I’ve been a week no carbs and had my pre-op yesterday. Have lost 6lbs just from no carbs so really pleased with a bit of a kick start. Amazing how despite a bad BMI my blood glucose, cholesterol, bp and ECG were all fine..thank god. Oh, and no talk of catheters at the pre-op so I am really pleased!!
I bought a soup maker today and some small containers so am planning on making some this weekend to freeze and have ready. Just want next week to be here now.
Penny is lovely and we had a good chinwag the other evening, so to have someone to go through this with and support each other is so good. Thank you also to all of you for your support and good wishes!
Doodah can I ask a daft question…I notice that regular medication has to be taken in liquid form but what about our vitamins…do we crush them and mix them in to our food…and if so at what point is it safe to take them whole again?
So many little things that you feel silly asking but are important.
Thank you!
Boo xx

Hi Boo.

Eeeeek! I actually think this is the most exciting part – like waiting for santa at Christmas!

No question is ever daft and I can guarantee that someone has already asked it or has been waiting for someone else to. You can buy chewable vitamins that might be better for you to start with. Or, ones that dissolve in water (then you wait until the fizz has stopped before you drink it.) I was used to taking tablets anyway so I have never had any problems. However, some of my tablets are massive so I bought a pill cutter to make them smaller. Only you will know when is the right time to switch from liquid as everyone is SO different. I think most people wait about 6 months, long enough for everything to settle down inside. Some people never go back from liquid. Click on these links to see what is available.

I’m so glad that you feel supported on here, Boo. It’s such a comfort isn’t it? Feel free to ask absolutely anything, no matter how ‘daft’ you think it is! I can’t wait to hear all about your surgery and how you are feeling.

Doodah x

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