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Re: has anyone been referred to st georges in tooting?

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Hi Sammy.

I am sorry to hear your struggles with this hospital as well. I share your frustration as when people decide to go for surgery this is a really major decision that is not taken lightly. I believe St Georges had worked at improving the process but as I have advised them this is not helping me as they dont keep you informed and when you call up nobody ever seems to be able to help. I know I have been only on my quest for surgery since January however my desparation is at an all time high as I have been on lighter life 2 years ago lost 7 stone however as expected the weight has began to creep back on. I have put on 2 stone and i am fighting to keep the rest at bay but I am finding I am loosing the battle as eating practically nothing when you have an enormous appetite does not work. What I am scared of is that I am coming so close to giving up the fight and then sitting back and letting my weight spiral back to almost 24 stone and beyond.
So I have been referred to UCLH now and within a week my case went to the MDT they accepted me and offered me an appointment to see the dietician and the surgeon for December. I was over the moon however I managed to get a cancellation and I am now being seen in two weeks. This is fantastic. The nurse has advised me that if all goes well and I dont have any issues that require investigation or would be problematic for surgery I could have surgery 6-8 weeks after my appointment.
I am not sure where you are in the process but perhaps contact UCLH and your GP and see if you can be referred. I weighed up how long I was waiting with St Goeorges and that I would probabaly have my op in August with them I decided that I could not wait that long. I just hope that it all goes according to plan. Please keep in touch and let me know how things go with you.

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