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Re: Happy opiversary to me

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@bikerchris 34962 wrote:

Hi all

I can’t remember the actual date of my surgery but it’s some time around now 2 years ago.

I’m not going to tell my whole story here because I’ve posted it all previously, suffice to say I’m less than half the woman I was having lost over 12 stones in 18 months. My weight has been stable the last 6 months and my bmi is 21-22. I’m delighted, the results of surgery have exceeded my expectations and I feel fabulous.

I had an illuminating conversation with Nicole the dietitian yesterday. I identified that I find it quite easy to keep to good food choices in the day, any bad decisions are made late at night. She referred to the notes from our conversation before my surgery and noted I binged at night then too. This proves that surgery can only deal with physical matters and I am still bonkers around food. Obviously she doesn’t have the answer to this, it’s in my hands. But my part in this is to stay honest and stay active, this will work with my bypass to keep me well in the long term.

Chris x

Happy oppiversary Chris!

I can’t believe it’s two years!

It’s really interesting what you say about your discussion with Nicole as I think you might be in the majority as far as your eating patterns go. I know my resolve can waver on cold, dark Winter nights! No probs in the Summer. You are right that wls doesn’t ‘fix’ our heads and actions around food. Loving the use of the word ‘bonkers’ to describe it haha!

Last time I saw you, you looked flippin fantastic. I’m so happy that you are feeling better in addition to looking like a million dollars. I don’t suppose any of us will ever be completely ‘normal’ around food so all we can do is…our best right?

Thanks for this super, uplifting post. The forum will be changing soon so if there is anything you would like to see changed, removed or added, please let me know. That goes for everyone else too.

Doodah x

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