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Re: Happy :0)

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I’m having to remember my feelings of accomplishment at the moment as I’m feeling a bit poorly (tooth trouble again) and that seems to be the time when I start to wish I was just that little bit lighter. Ridiculous isn’t it? What possible difference would it make to my toothache!!?

It’s amazing the way our minds work. It’s like having a self-destruct button. I feel like Father Dougal after he has been told NOT to touch the big red button on the plane lol! I would like to be a stone lighter for my health but then I remember….if I hadn’t had wls, I wouldn’t even be here. Plus….sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone….I’m 55 in September. Most middle aged people spread a little don’t they?

I suspect that if I did lose a stone, I’d be too scrawny (as my husband puts it) and wouldn’t be happy with that either. A bit like if you have curly hair, you want straight and vice versa. the thing to remember is that none of us are defined by the scales or tape measure. In that way lies madness.

Doodah x

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