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Re: Hair thinning

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Paul is right. It will sort itself out when you are back to eating normally.

The body ‘chucks out’ anything it deems unnecessary after wls as it fights to keep all your organs working properly. Unfortunately, hair is one of the things it chooses. My nails went to rack and ruin too. Although band patients don’t need to take supplements for life like us bypassers, it might be worth taking them for a few months post op.

I was lucky that I have enough hair for two people anyway but I still lost some. I started only washing my hair once a week and not using stying irons as often (my beloved GHDs!!) Also, I now occasionally wash my hair and just leave it to dry naturally then don’t do anything other than brush it for a week. Just to give it a rest.

Almost everyone starts noticing their hair thickening again after 6 months. But to be honest, I was way too impressed by my shrinking waistline to be that bothered about my hair being a little thinner!

Doodah x

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