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Re: Hair loss after weight loss surgery

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@treeza 34441 wrote:

Thank you Doodah x I did lose a fair bit of hair but it’s settled now but I’m lucky to have loads of it so I was the only one who really noticed. Oh my hairdresser noticed too & she says it’s much thicker now. I still lose every now & then but have realised it’s usually when I’m not taking enough protein in!!

Protein levels are so important aren’t they? I keep my little vegetarian cocktail sausages in a tub in the fridge and pop one in my mouth throughout the day. They are low in fat, carbs and salt so I know they aren’t doing me any harm. They keep hunger at bay and I know I have had enough protein, even if I don’t fancy any with my evening meal. I do the same with nuts but try not to eat too many as they can be high in fat.

It’s so interesting to see how we all vary at the different stages. i learn something new every day 🙂

Doodah x

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