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Reply To: Hair loss !!!

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Good luck with the circuit training! Could you ever have imagined before surgery that you would be telling us about it?!

As for the hair, it really will stop falling out. After a trauma (which major surgery is!) your body stops concentrating on anything that isn’t absolutely essential. Unfortunately, hair is one of those things. I lost quite a bit which is why I too had mine fairly short. however, I had really thick hair to start with. Try asking your pharmacist for help regarding supplements etc – ones that are specific for hair growth/health. It’s quite distressing to see your hair on the floor after brushing it but it will start to grow back.

I found that as my face got thinner, it actually made my hair look thicker!! I know that sounds ridiculous, but it was like an optical illusion lol! You can buy thickening mouse and good shampoos to help with that side of it too.

Ojon Volume Advance

Lots of my friends use this. Expensive but effective. There are cheaper alternatives

Hope all this rambling helps!!

Doodah x

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