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Re: Hair loss

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@scpayne76 34143 wrote:

How long am I likely to keep losing my hair? It’s been about 3 months (from the 6 month mark)
Thank you

Everyone is different of course, but in general, it can take up to a year. If you are older or have an existing medical condition, it can take even longer.

I know it is upsetting to ‘lose’ some hair but you have to keep telling yourself that it is only temporary. There are many thickening shampoos/products available and make sure you keep up with your vitamin and mineral supplements. I lost quite a bit of hair in the beginning but my hair is so thick that no one noticed except me.

It has all grown back now and is causing me problems in other areas – now need an industrial hairdryer to get it done faster as holding up the big, old dryer I have currently makes my arms and neck ache!

Some people use it as a time to experiment with their hair – trying out new styles and colours. I did the same – went blonder and grew it longer. Some people have gone for massive changed of colour like pink and purple, or have had a short, pixie cut. I can totally understand it – new you, new everything!

Hope you get your hair back to how you like it soon but in the meantime, maybe have a word with your hairdresser for tips? they probably spend a good part of their day helping hair to look thicker and healthier.

Doodah x

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