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Re: Hair loss

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@scpayne76 33369 wrote:

Thank you so much for your lovely kind words and advice. It’s reassuring to know that’ll it pass.
I’m Not a Vain person but I have always had decent hair. I still wouldn’t change a thing though. So much happier and healthier.

I know someone who feels exactly the same as you about her hair. She does indeed have beautiful, shiny hair that I am very envious of. It’s funny though, I see her beautiful crowning glory as just another thing on the list that she should be very proud of. She has amazing skin, beautiful big blue eyes and is always immaculately dressed. She is clever, funny and very, very kind. She is greatly loved by all.

I’m telling you this because I bet YOU are so many good things too. I honestly believe that we forget how to see the ‘big picture’ about ourselves when we are obese. We don’t just lose weight after wls – we also lose our blinkers. I know that when i was big, I focused on one good thing about myself that hadn’t changed – my skin. I’ve always had good skin. But as my weight started going down, I began to notice other ‘positive’ things about myself. Nice shoulders, nice feet (I hadn’t seen them properly for years!) and a love of wearing really bright colours.

So there you have it. Your nice hair will grow back, you will be (already are!) even healthier and happier and you will be able to find other things good about yourself that you might have forgotten. Seeing people blossom after their surgery makes me the luckiest person in the world. I LOVE my job because I get to witness first-hand all the good things that happen to people after their surgery. Plus, I am able to support them when they are having bad days. It really couldn’t be better could it?!

Doodah x

ps There is nothing wrong with a bit of vanity 😉 x

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