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@Deifersmum 29634 wrote:

Hi everyone, haven’t been on the site for what feels like ages and came across my favourite subject, hair. I had my bypass on 21st March 2011, it was a Tuesday, and my hair started falling out shortly after. Not in great clumps but enough to thin it down drastically. Now I don’t know how attached to your hair you are but I couldn’t stand it so I had it cut really short, what they call a pixieish look and it seemed to slow it falling out, at least it wasn’t as obviouse and eventually it stopped falling out and it’s now almost shoulder length and it’s come back even thicker and slightly curlier than before. But that was my solution and it is drastic, I just got sooooo fed up having to unblock the plug hole every day….. lol. I did change my shampoo but nothing seemed to work for me, that’s not to say it won’t for you so good look and keep up the good work it’s so worth it.


Hi Lesley! Lovely to hear from you again.

Stacey Brova did the same as you – she had her hair cropped into the most adorable pixie cut. Hers has all grown back beautifully now and is actually quite long and curly too! It IS drastic but works I think. I had mine cut into a short sharp bob and although I lost quite a lot of hair, I have two people’s worth to start with so it wasn’t noticeable at all – except to me and that is the important point: it’s how it makes YOU feel that matters. If hair loss makes you feel bad about yourself, do whatever you need to to make yourself feel better whether it be shampoo, a new hairstyle/colour or even a wig or extensions! The better you feel the better you will cope with all the changes that happen after wls. like I always say – be kind to yourself and put yourself first for once too. That includes all you men too!

Doodah x

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