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Hi Guy
I am new to this site but have folllowed your service with
great admiration,
I am seeing Mr Somers on monday 14th at the hampshire clinic, to try and arrange for bypass within the first 10days of january, either by yourself or mr somers,
I am willing to travel to any of your hospitals for this op, and amconfident in both of your abilitys,
BMI OF 41, 6FT 1, 22 STONES, Binge eater with only slight high bloodpressure, i really need to be able to participate with my family, 22 year old son with cerebal palsy who needs full personal care, and i am ready for this dramatic change in my life, i have studied this operation for over 3 years now, and it was either here in the uk with professional follow up, or off to belgium with wondering what type of aftercare if any i would recieve,
i see the price for this operation as non applicapble, but if i did not get it, i would for sure put that money down my throat, thus getting bigger and bigger,
i am hoping so much that you or mr somers can do this for me in the first 10 days of january 2010,
typical binge eater all the wrong things, crisps sweets etc, in the last 10 years i have calculated i have lost about 95 kilos but gained about 120kgs, so i do not want it to go on any longer,
regards dave smith

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