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Hello can you please please help me, I had a gastric bypass operation done in 1998. The operation went well , then i fell pregnant i had a lot of problems throughout the operation but went onto successfully have a little boy even though he was very prem. I had terrible time with the gastric operation while pregnant so much so i started to put weight on serverly so much so im now 22stone and i past desperate measures. Im a single parent work part time ive re-approached the doctor who did the operation to be told he wasnt intrested as he had advised me not to have a baby. It was an accident but i could not kill a life even though my weight is now killing me. My son needs me he as no one else in his life , i would give everything and anything to have this operation under taken again, even used a genee pig, a publicity venture, anything please please help me i can be contacted on 0121 580 4855 best regards ONE DESPERATE SINGLE MOM

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