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Dear Shaw, great to hear that you are still around following King Ed going down the tubes.
You did a lovely job on my stomach but long story short the power of my mind caused me to stretch it in order to eat carbs to be able to work hard enough to stay in the job.
My big toe was amputated, I lost my job, I put on weight and became depressed. Several bottles of Paracetomol and Diazepam failed to end it.
I think when my first wife divorced me back in 1974 I should have sought psychotherapy or hypnotherapy to get over it, then my self-esteem might not have undone all your excellent work.
I probably need a gastric band now, but I’m not fat enough for the NHS to fund it and I’m forcibly retired and stoney broke. I think I’m probably happy enough to keep trying, but I can’t sleep due to arthritis in both shoulders and the rest of me is falling apart. I’m in Andropause which my (female) GP does not recognise and refuses to test for. I got some Andractim gel on the internet a week ago and that seems to help my mood swings and hypogonadism but won’t help my piles (internal) or arthritis, so life could be better. I bought a hypnotherapy CD for improving self-esteem. Maybe it’s not too late.

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