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Re: Got my 6 week review coming up 22nd Nov.

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6 weeks ? Really….

Blimey doesnt time fly……

Dietry support is a little bit of a failing and something that was discussed during one of the FOCUS groups.
Most of us have little understanding of what best to eat or we wouldnt have got into the state of where we were up to surgery…

Making sence of what protien is hard enough without worryig how much of this and that… It is an area that needs a bit more support. I just wish their was something written down to encourage us, but were all so very very different.. It might confuse us more than we are allready….

Telephone chats are ok, but as you say so much more is taken in face to face…

Why not call and see if you cant make an appointment with one of the dieticians if thats not what your review is all about… I am sure if you ask nicely a dieticain will be happy to sit you down and have a natter….

Dont ask dont get Sarah……. wink wink…

Otherwise well done…..

Buzz x

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