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@kelsa2uk 30544 wrote:

Hi! My doctors surgery are really unhelpful and really have not tried to help me lose weight. They just told me to eat less calories which really doesn’t help me mentally to be honest. I have a huge mental battle with food and feel like I physically need restriction to make my dream come true. My appointment is on 8th February. Have you had a gastric band?[/QUOTE
I’m sorry they not helping you . No I had a gastric bypass . And because of heath problems was nhs funded , but I think you are doing the right thing getting help now before you developed serious health problems like I have . I wish I had looked after my self better years ago rather than ignored what my weight was and did to me. It madness really that they will only fund when the weight has impacted seriously on the body ,
Saying that I’m soo grateful that I have been given a chance , and can say it’s one of the best things I have done .
Mr Somers saved my life last week I walked half a mile which might not sound lots to most people but last year I couldn’t walk to the end of the road or go up stairs without an inhaler and became house bound .

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