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Re: Goal Weight?? Help

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Hello nettie
Wow how brilliant for you, you must be sooooo happy . 🙂 this is a thought provoking question really…… In a nutshell it is where you are happy and contented 🙂 and this is different or us all… I have friends of all shapes and sizes and over coffee most days this is our conversation. The size 10’s will moan their boobs are too small, the size 14’s will says their hips are too big and everyone will moan about the scales……. ( can we every win )

The hosp told me i was 7 1/2 to 8 stone over weight, i cried because although i wasn’t happy and knew i’d reached my rock bottom, the thought of trying to lose 8 stone just filled me with dread. (My 8 year old son weighs less then that). How could a band help me lose this amount ? Well i’m at 4stone 1lb 🙂 and i’ve told myself another 1 1/2 would be great…… When or if i get there would that goal change again, who knows….. But things seem to be going very slowly and although the scales are going down, my shape doesn’t feel like it’s changing. So even at 4 stone i’m happier , but not totally there yet …. So are we ever really happy with our lot ?

If the question is not too cheeky, do you have alot of loose skin ? I’m a couple of stone behind you and not happy with the way things are going….. But not sure if there is much i can do , exercise isn’t helping .

Heidi 🙂

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