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Re: getting worried nearly 2yrs post op……..

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I like Lesley are nearly two years post op ( I had my op the day after her and was in St Richards with her), I am now 11 stones lighter and yes I do eat more now than what I did two years ago and yes I can have the odd naughty thing. I put on 5lbs over the Christmas period which for me is quite good because before the op that would have been anything up to a stone. I attend Weight Watchers every week (I am a helper at my local group), and they are my support group and have been with me all the way. I got weighed on the 2nd of Jan and found out I had put on the 5lbs and when I got home out came my scales, my cook books and I started to write everything down an count my points. I lost a pound and half last week so I am back on track and back in control and I will continue to do this until that 5lb is off plus a little more as I would like to lose another stone this year and then I will be happy. I am back swimming and at the gym and I feel better again. There is no way that weight is going back on and come March this year I start to push to have my loose skin off my tummy removed, not worried about anywhere else, as my doctor keeps telling me I am “normal” now with my weight going up and down by a few pounds.
Elaine xx

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