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Re: getting worried nearly 2yrs post op……..

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Hi Kim

Yes I do mean eating only soup – just like the first week post bypass. It helps me to get all the nutrition I need, settle my stomach and regulate how much I consume. I make sure I vary the soup at each meal so that boredom doesn’t rear it’s ugly head and bring along his old pal head hunger for company!

It helps me to focus on what I need not what I WANT again. I do it in really cold weather too as I find eating quite difficult when I’m frozen to the bone. I have been trying to eat meat again on Dr recommendation. had slow cooked lamb last night and spent two hours throwing up absolutely everything I ate all day. I have to face the fact that meat and I will not see eye to eye and my GP will have to lump it!

You have my phone number don’t you Kim? You can always call me honey. If you don’t still have it, let me know and I will give it to you again. In the meantime, please remember how far you have come and what an inspiration you have been to so many people: being a case study at Streamline seminars has proven that! A stone against what you have lost is a blip. We have to accept that there will always be the danger of a slight regain. We can either learn to live with it and be ruddy pleased with ourselves with what we have achieved, or set on the path we know works again and put it ‘right’.

Fantastic to hear from you Kim.

Love Doodah x

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