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Re: getting worried nearly 2yrs post op……..

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If you feel therapy or counselling would help then just go to your GP and ask for it. You may have to wait months if you live in a heavily populated area but it is worth putting your name forward as soon as you can. I got mine pretty quickly despite living in a busy City. However, I was 26+ stone, very poorly and in a bad way psychologically at the time.

I had three years of group therapy. It was absolutely critical to my success in life at almost everything from then on. I learned how to rationalise things, see myself as others see me and find out why I think the way I do. The most important thing though, was learning why I used food to fill a hole in my soul that was a never-ending bottomless pit that nothing tangible could ever fill.

I have deeply-seated abandonment issues due to experiences in my childhood I had buried deep inside. I used food to try to plug the hole so that it wouldn’t escape. All I was doing was putting a plaster over a toxic, bubbling wound. I learned that in order for it to heal, I had to let all the poison out and allow it to heal from the inside out. Quite simple when you think about it! However, when we are in the centre of our own misery and frustration, we don’t see it. Group therapy is like having a mirror held up for you in which to truly see your own reflection for the first time. I would recommend it to anyone who feels ‘lost’ in this world.

Hope this helps and that you can find the strength you are looking for: it is to found in ourselves, if we just allow it the freedom it needs.

Doodah x

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