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Re: getting worried nearly 2yrs post op……..

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I can only tell you what I do personally but being stable weight-wise for 3 years tells me it works for me!

If I feel I need to re-train myself, I go back onto soup. I eat soup for a week…very, very slowly. It has always worked for me and is a lot healthier than the milk diet which is only adviseable for a short while under supervision really. I know many people swear by it so it must be ok. It’s just that i promised myself I would only ever have to do it once lol!

Anyway, new year, new start and all that. We could all do with getting healthier I suspect after two weeks of eating Christmas food and drinking the odd glass or two!!

Don’t beat yourself up over it though. It’s what ‘normal’ people do every year and they never, ever feel guilty about it.

Doodah x

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