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Re: Getting stressed as Weight Loss is Slow- Am I a Failure

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@rubybling 25376 wrote:

Thank you everyone. I will definitely speak to the team; I have an appointment on Thursday at Sudbury Clinic.
I was comforted to hear that Neehaa has the same issues, but has gone on to lose an amazing amount.

I feel it must be like having a baby (excuse my analaogy if I am incorrect, I am not a mother and do not mean to offend mothers!). You give birth (have your new pouch) and then you don’t know what to do with it next. You have self doubts about whether you are doing the right things to nurture it or whether you are doing it completely wrong and causing harm which is the last thing you want to do to something so precious that you have been lucky to have. Will I adapt to it or will it adapt to me?
You want to treat it the best way you can but you don’t know how.
Maybe it is a silly analogy and I apologise to all mothers. (I know it must be more stressful looking after children than the pouchie, who is called Priscilla, by the way!).

I will be going to next support group in Harrow, I think I need to.

Hope you manage to get there as I will be going and would love to see you 😉

Doodah x

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