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Re: getting rid of skin

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@wongo2 34076 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I had my gastric by pass must have been about 5 years ago, however even though it is the best thing that I have ever done, one of the main problems I have had is skin.

At one point I had gone from size 30 to size 10 – the last bit of loosing I managed to get off by doing lots and lots of exercise in fact 3 sessions a week of two hours solid zumba or kick boxing. But…….. to be able to do the exercise I had to wear a whole body suit type girdle which went from my knees right up to my neck as all the skin was bouncing around and it was awful. I reckon I had enough skin to make a decent size handbag including a purse and all the sections inside the bag.

After a while I got fed up of it, and thought well if I cannot wear anything which is short above the knee or going downwards to my knees from my waist then I will have to put weight back on again to stop it all moving around.

however even though now I am about size 14 to 16 – I still have skin, I have been to my doctors pleaded my case but he says that I will have to pay for it, I have paid already myself for the main operation in fact I paid for two people, my husband and myself – but still even though it is effecting my life my doctor will do nothing, I find this totally unjust with all the money I have saved the national health service.

Does anyone have any advice??? does anyone know a good surgeon who could cut it all off and not charge me too much money? as I have already spent £20,000 and I don’t really want to pay another £8000 or more.

I live on the south coast in Dorset.


It really is a postcode lottery and it is wrong. I got my wls free on the NHS ( I was a very poorly woman) but had to pay for my own skin removal. I know someone who has had wls and three lots of skin removal all on the NHS.

I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck with Mr Nicholas Bennett at The Spire, Portsmouth about three years ago and have been delighted with the results. It was a huge operation as I had gone from a size 34 to a 14. The skin removed weighed 7lbs! It was much less than £8,000 and my aftercare was superb. I got a major infection and a seroma but nothing was too much trouble. I’m not allowed to have any more elective surgery for health reasons but I’m SO glad I had my tummy done.

So, my advice to you would be to ask another GP to plead your case. Some are more inclined than others. If they won’t, then pay to have it done. You won’t regret it. I needed my arms and boobs done too (and I had the money saved) but am now considered too much of a risk for GA unless it is for a life-saving reason. I’m SO grateful that I got my tummy done before that! It stopped all the skin infections virtually overnight.

Please let me know how you get on. Yours is a problem shared by many of us. Good luck.

Doodah x

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